Locktender / Brighter Arrows

by Locktender / Brighter Arrows



On this split 10" LOCKTENDER deliver one epic, long and heavy hardcore song expanding over more than ten minutes which leaves your ears bleeding and your mouth wide open of disbelief.
BRIGHTER ARROWS just continue the tradition of midwestern mid-90s Emo with beautiful melodies, passionate lyrics and a lot goosebumps.


released July 1, 2012

released by I.Corrupt.Records, Adagio 830, The Ghost Is Clear & Gatthouse Records



all rights reserved


I.Corrupt.Records Cologne, Germany

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Track Name: Locktender - Visions Of The Daughters Of Albion
‘Visions of the Daughters of Albion’ was inspired by William Blake’s 1793 illuminated poem.
I lovèd Theotormon,
And I was not ashamèd;
I trembled in my virgin fears
And I hid in Leutha’s vale!

I pluckèd Leutha’s flower,
And I rose up from the vale;
But the terrible thunders tore
My virgin mantle in twain.

With thine hand, wrench forth with force, and pull my flowers. By virtue of Leutha, let desire be hers- unencumbered. A woman, bare, her soul as just. Laid forth, strong, vulnerable. She lays vulnerable. With love…

Bromion rent her with his thunders; on his stormy bed lay the faint maid, and her woes appall’d his thunders hoarse.

Just as lust wears itself thin, grief and disgust emerge. Such as this fair maiden is, She remains pure no more.

The daughters of Albion hear her woes and echo back her sighs.

At the edge of the cave sits a man, all alone by his own accord. he weeps.

Theotormon sits on his self-righteous throne, looking down on the woman that he once called Oothoon, refusing her help, ignoring her cries, compiling his own.

She tries to call out, but her voice becomes mute she turns to her love, but is met frigidly. His grief becomes hers, and hers voided be. Repent.

She prays to her god at the foot of her love “forgive what i’ve done, forgive what’s become of my chaste, and send forth your justice to purge all of my sins.”

“I call with holy voice! Kings of the sounding air, Rend away this defilèd bosom so that I may reflect.”

And the eagles prey upon her flesh; rending forth.

His smiles of approval in himself, not for me
my sighs, my pleas, trapped by my sexuality. From birth until death, we creatures young and old desire to be free as nature intended it be.

Why does he weep? if not for me?
The daughters of Albion hear her woes and echo back her sighs

Why do I weep? if not for me?
The daughters of Albion hear her woes and echo back her sighs
Track Name: Brighter Arrows - Eternity
Each dawn draws lines between what is illuminated and shadows staggering behind.
It makes me feel sure of everything I see, and most of what I can’t, or at least more fearless. It comforts me.
I take refuge in an endless span of time,
In whose lap I rest my head.
Whose fingers brush warm safety through my hair.
“Why is it called a watch?"
Moments go uncounted here.
"There’s nothing there to see.”
Track Name: Brighter Arrows - Entirety
Ten million minutes pass and I grip you, encased in gold.
I have claimed you as mine to hold: in my pocket, in my fist, in a fortress.
I’ve aged, and see the value in your hands now
I’m no longer seeking safety as much as I’m seeking to save
my minutes that escape.
Now crush this watch upon the ground
Watch the hands as they quake
Among shards smaller than the seconds counted.
The truth glitters like the broken face:
Minutes can’t be stored away, only spent in their given day.
In fear of losing my time granted,
Comes knowing that it was never,
Knowing time was never mine to keep.

Smiling, sure and brave,
With the brilliant setting sun, time slips down a radiant horizon steep.
Eternity. Entirety.
I think, “Every letter shared.”
As I am called to sleep.